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John Walker Pattison was born on Monday, 4th February 1957 to parents John and Ruby. He has lived most of his years in the wonderful seaside town of South Shields, and enjoyed an uneventful, but happy childhood, and he loved to seek out trouble. Today, Pattison enjoys being the practical joker, especially with his grandchildren. He openly admits to spending his school days clowning around, and neglected his intellectual chemistry, subsequently leaving school with a handful of worthless qualifications. In 1973, he started work in a local shipyard until the spectre of cancer gripped his future in a deathly stranglehold. What happened next is his unique story, his Memoirs of a Cancer Survivor.

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I got Featured in a Newsletter!

I am pleased to share that The Book Dragon published a full-fledged Twelfth Book Tour and Special Edition Newsletter covering my biography and all aspects of my book. 

itvNEWS Featured My Children’s Book

I’m glad to share that my book, Strange Trips and Weird Adventures, got featured by itvNEWS. The magazine also shared my journey of becoming a published author. Get more details here.

ITV Tyne Tees News is all praise for author John Walker Pattison

“South Shields grandad who was diagnosed with ‘incurable’ cancer at 18 publishes a children’s book.” writes ITV Tyne Tees News. John Walker Pattison, the author of a wonderful children’s book, S ........


Me and My Shadow

Almost 50 years in the making, ‘Me and My Shadow – memoirs of a cancer survivor’ is my brutally honest account of cancer survivorship through the eyes of an adolescent. But also the viewpoint of ........

Remarkable stories for remarkable children.

We all share a special bond with our children, whether we are parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. But the one remarkable factor that makes us the same is our goal of wanting to provide the v ........

Ready for lift off…………..

www.strangetrips As in Chapter One, it is almost ready for lift off with the rocket boosters now on a slow burn. Publication date is Wednesday, 30th June although Strange Trips and Weird Adve ........


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